Sunday, June 28, 2009

Sweetsauer Photo Hunt #2

This is the June Challenge:
It is preferred that you take your photos between today and June 30th. If for some reason you are stuck on the 30th without a few of the items on your list, then you can use a maximum of two photos from your archives, as long as they were taken less than one year ago.

It is up to you whether you post your photos on your blog as you go, or wait until June 30th to unveil them and make it a surprise. One thing I ask is that everyone who participates posts all 25 photos in one single post on their blogs or in a set in an online gallery by June 30th.

Here are my answers. I took most of these from our recent trip to Manhattan, Bermuda and North Carolina.

1. A View from Above (looking down) Long Island.

2. A Macro Shot - Hibiscus

3. Laughter - Our grandson, Oden and his half brother, Eres.

4. Relaxation - Matschies Tree Kangaroo

5. A Celebration - Fireworks after the ballgame.

6. A Sunset - on a drizzly day, off Kings Wharf

7. Sun/Lens Flare - empty Coke bottle

8. A Bridge - George Washington Bridge

9. A Shadow - at entrance to Columbia University.

10. A Garden - at Crystal Caves, Bermuda.

11. A Park - Battery Park.

12. A Street Scene - Surfer in Hell's Kitchen, an odd sight.

13. Signage - in Harlem

14. A Summer Activity - diving, right in.

15. A Summer Treat - frozen bannana

16. Earth - San Bernardino Mountains, from above.

17. Air/ Wind - wind, filling the sails of a cat, in Bermuda.

18. Fire - fireplace

19. Water - Huntington Beach, from the air.

20. Something Vintage (pre-1980) - 1890 cable car

21. Something Made of Glass - Looking through a glass block

22. Something Made of Wood - Chairs at The Cloisters.

23. Something that Floats - Yacht, in Bermuda.

24. Something Railroad Related - 1920 RR car, 1956 engine. Car used in the movie The Changeling.

25. Something Round - channel buoy.


Dana Leigh said...

Nice pictures! My favorite is something that floats.

The Laughing Idiot said...

Just where does that surfer dude think he's going?

Great pics!

iamjanujennifer said...

That street scene is priceless! Great capture!

I also joined the hunt and my results can be seen HERE. If you have the time, please visit as well. Thanks!

Samara Link said...

Hi, Jan! My god, you have done some traveling. That's wonderful! You also captured some really nice photos. My favorites were vintage, railroad (liked that you got it from inside), round, earth (breathtaking), street scene (fish out of water - ha!). Good job!!

Tracey@Aloha Monkeys said...

Nice pictures. I almost used fireworks at a ballgame for my celebration too. LOL.

Jen said...

as usual, great pictures Jan!
the fireplace picture seems out of place when "talking about" pictures from Bermuda... seems to hot to be thinking inside-fire! LOL.
Love your collection!

Nancyroo said...

nice! Love the cable car.

Faith said...

You got some very unique shots. Great work! I loved the glass one because it was so different. I also liked the vintage, round, and summer activity shots!

Ang said...

I can't take my eyes off your something glass!!

Bengbeng said...

great pics. my fav is different from the is the animal in the tree

krisuh said...

21 and 22 are my favourites!

Kristi said...

Nice set of shots, Jan!!

Brandi said...

Beautiful photos! I think my favorites are the macro shot and something made of glass, but there are so many great ones! :)

kaye said...

I liked the surfer as well, but your earth, air, fire, water elements were terrific too. Here’s my hunt hope you can stop by!

Donna said...

Great photos Girl!! And you work PT at B&N????? I'm SO Envious!! All those BOOKS!!!hahaa...hughugs

Kelly said...

I love the street scene, wood, railroad and round photos. All well done. :)